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Superior intuitive products to be part of your life, good for you. Learn, the unique & patented products.

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BackJoy® |SitSmart Posture Plus

Improves sitting posture, promotes active & dynamic sitting with comfort. it supports you in optimal posture.

Tagger® | Build Your Own Bag™

Completely customizable and interchangeable, messenger bags and backpacks. Make it yours in just seconds by combining different parts: flap, bag and strap.

Joy & Mario® shoes

Joy & Mario shoes-America's best fashion trends with an ultra-comfortable shoe.

BackJoy® | SitSmart Relief

Relieve and prevent back pain, make sitting more comfortable. Supports proper sitting posture.

Joy & Mario® | Woman shoes

These classic slip on shoes by Joy& Mario feature a canvas upper, an elastic v for easy on and off, and a hemp trim.

Joy & Mario® shoes

Many products in the market are fashionable but not comfortable or comfortable but not fashionable. By combining the latest fabrication techniques and fashion trends with our ability to craft an ultra-comfortable shoe.

Joy & Mario® shoes

The shoes are detailed with the finest “natural and designer fabrics” for its uppers. The shape is very flattering on the foot, which allows for a better fit..

Tagger® | Build Your Own Bag™

Tagger Bags are trendy, cool, unique, high-quality, buildable laptop messenger bags and backpacks straight from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

BackJoy Posture Sandal

These aren't your ordinary sandals. StandRight Posture Sandals position your body in optimal posture, helping to improve foot and body function.

BackJoy Bliss Shoe

StandRight Bliss shoes aren’t just for your feet. StandRight Bliss shoes help you stand and move better with optimal posture from head to toe.

BackJoy PostureWear Comfort Fit Shirt

BackJoy PostureWear gently pulls your shoulder back to correctly align your spine for optimal form.

BackJoy® | StandRight Zen

Look and feel great with StandRight Zen. Ideal for work or play, the StandRight Zen Chukka is a contemporary take on a classic boot style. Created with Active Stabilization™ technology, the Zen Chukka helps you stand and move better with optimal posture from head to toe.

Joy & Mario® | Rolly Polly shoes

A simple and trendy slip-on that keeps you looking good while on the move.

BackJoy® |Comfort Soles

StandRight Comfort Insoles provide cushioning across the entire foot, reducing impact on feet, knees, hips, and the lower back.

BackJoy® | PostureWear Elite Sports Bra

Total support meets great posture with the PostureWear Elite Sports Bra..

Joy & Mario® | Rolly Polly

On move, Travel, easy to carry, comfort and breathability.

BackJoy® | SleepSound In-Flight Pillow

Our innovative combination of Cool Comfort™ Memory Foam and Soft Support™ Reinvented Down fill naturally adjusts and conforms to your head and neck, providing optimal sleeping posture and comfort while you travel.

Joy & Mario® shoes

A perfect pair with rope soles for added comfort and casual style, rendered in luxurious canvas with a braided espadrille platform Joy and Mario.

BackJoy® | SleepSound

BackJoy’s SleepSound™ Pillow combines the support of memory foam and the soft comfort of down without the drawbacks of either.

Joy & Mario® shoes

Joy and Mario espadrilles are inspired by fusing traditional and modern design to create an ultra comfortable shoe that is fashionable and functional..

BackJoy® | StandRight Bliss

StandRight Bliss shoes aren’t just for your feet. Created with Active Stabilization ™ technology, StandRight Bliss shoes help you stand and move better with optimal posture from head to toe.